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Below is a summarized list of our main drainage services we can install on residential and commercial properties. If you’re looking for something not listed below, please let us know in your estimate request.

These are underground drainage systems that feature a trench filled with gravel and perforated pipe, used to redirect surface and groundwater away from an area, keeping your property free from water pooling and foundation damage.

Downspout drainage is the management of rainwater collected by gutter downspouts to ensure it is properly directed away from your house and its foundation. Improper downspout drainage can lead to issues such as water pooling, erosion, water intrusion, and foundation damage.  preventing soil erosion.

A catch basin is a type of drainage inlet designed to collect excess surface rain and storm water runoff from roofs, sidewalks, and patios, preventing water accumulation and potential flooding on the property.

Channel drains collect water that flows over the surface and direct it into the drain channel. The grate or cover prevents larger debris like leaves and twigs from entering the drain, while allowing water to enter freely. The collected water then flows through the drain channel and exits at the designated drainage point, effectively managing surface water runoff. They are idea for your Lanai, driveway, patio and more.

Sump pumps are pumps installed in a large catch basin, when enough slope can not be obtained to remove the outflow of accumulated water adequately enough protecting your property from flooding, water damage and reducing the risk of mold growth. 

This refers to the practice of redirecting surface water from one area to another, often with the use of gutters, drains, or graded landscapes, to protect a property from water damage and ensure proper drainage.

Swales are shallow, wide ditches with a gentle slope designed to slow, direct, and capture runoff, promoting groundwater recharge and preventing waterlogging and erosion in your landscape.

These are structures that allow water to flow under a road, trail, or similar obstruction from one side to the other, promoting better water management and preventing road or property damage from water overflow.

While pavers are not our main service, we know they are an important part of an outdoor space and require specific drainage systems underneath for safety and durability. We have provided pavers for clients before and are happy to discuss doing so for your property. Please feel free to mention that in your estimate request form.

What Our Customers Say

Jay ****** Google Review

I live in house is situated on a sloped back yard, and rain water would cascade down towards the house. I hired Drainage Professionals to dig a French Drain down both sides of the house towards the street. It works great. Problem Solved! I highly recommend them. (BTW - I received two other quotes from plumbing companies for the same work and both were considerably more.)

Wes ******* Google Review

David and his team were outstanding for the repairs / new drainage system (drop basins, buried piping, irrigation re-route / repair) for a home we purchased in 2022. Timely, responsive, professional, communicative, and for a very fair price. Would absolutely use again if I ever have the need. Thank you David and team!

Greg ****** Google Review

David and his staff installed a french drain on both sides of our house. They were absolutely the best!! They were a pleasure to work with and the drains were completed to perfection. No more worrying about heavy downpours and flooding in our yard. Thank you, David and team!!

Susan ***** Designation

David Wood of Drainage Professionals just completed a French drain around my studio with a sump pump at the end to remove water from my property. Today’s rain was the big test and. It all works like a charm!! The company went way above and beyond creative problem solving to make sure everything was just right and I couldn’t be more pleased..Definitely a good choice of professionals!

Cory ******** Google Review

David did an awesome job installing our French drain and fixing the damage that another company had done to our property. He communicated well and worked efficiently. Great experience.

Clark ****** Google Review

What a great experience getting my yard fixed. I messaged on the 26th of Feb, got an appointment that day, and scheduled installation of my new French drain. David explained everything thoroughly while walking me through a few different options. The job looks fantastic and I have a great warranty. I would strongly recommend if you need any drainage issues on your yard fixed.

Utopia ******** Google Review

David was very knowledgeable about the flooding in my back yard quickly he formulated a plan to stop the flooding and then broke down the cost to fix everything very carefully. The price was great and he was timely in coming back out to creat our new drainage systems. It’s off to David. I recommended my buddy and David did his drainage as well.